Catherine Rye, certified psychotherapist

My Approach

I seek to find an integrative approach with each client exploring all aspects of their being – the mental, biological, emotional, spiritual and cultural – to address the issues being experienced.

Samantha Kokkinos, certified therapist at Catherine Rye Therapy

Samantha Kokkinos, Psychotherapist

Therapy can provide an invaluable environment to help you regain a sense of balance and overall wellness. Being seen and understood can be a transformative experience. Samantha believes that by providing an authentic and safe environment, people can leverage their strengths and feel empowered towards healing, wellness and radical self-acceptance. Samantha utilizes an integrative approach that includes but is not limited to Multicultural, Feminist, Psychodynamic, mindfulness, and biofeedback methods and theories. It is a courageous act to seek therapy and Samantha looks forward to working collaboratively with you as you navigate your journey towards insight, discovery, balance, and wellness.

Samantha’s background includes over a decade working directly in our communities within the sectors of education, language, and advocacy work. She has lived in both the Twin Cities and central Mexico. Samantha is fluent in English and Spanish. She is currently completing her Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychological Services at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. Samantha is working under the licensed supervision of Catherine Rye, MA, LPCC.


Providing a safe and empathetic environment. Informed by mindfulness, biofeedback, and other therapeutic theories and methods. I work with individuals and couples experiencing a wide variety of mental and emotional health concerns including: depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. An area of focus for me is Postpartum mental health which includes: 

  • Perinatal and Postpartum depression, anxiety and OCD
  • Individual and couples work around transitioning to parenthood
  • Fertility and loss

My Credentials

I have certification through Postpartum Support International, which focuses on work with women experiencing perinatal anxiety and depression as well as couples as they navigate the change in their relationship from partners to parents during this stressful time.

I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a Masters degree in Counseling and Psychological Services from St. Mary’s University.

Certificate of Completion - Postpartum Support International